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Wie werde ich PCGG Coach?

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Als Coach der Peaks Coaching Group Germany gelten die unten stehenden PCG Bedingungen.
Bewerbungen an volker@peakscoachinggroup.de.

How to become a PCG coach.

Peaks Coaches are hand-picked by Hunter Allen and represent the experts in coaching cyclists, triathletes, runners with power meters and data acquisition devices.  PCG coaches all have unique expertise within endurance sports and many of our coaches also work with unique athletes like mountaineers, stand up paddle board racers and car racers.
Our coaches aren’t just cycling coaches, they have the ability to coach multiple sports to an elite level.  PCG coaches work with all levels of clients from beginner to masters racers to elite pros, most of our clients are between 35-65 years old and are passionate about cycling or triathlon.  PCG coaches have to wear a variety of hats, as coaching endurance athletes has become more and more complicated as technology continually advances.  Our coaches help with nutrition, sports pyschology, race tactics, computer tech support, data analysis, advisers to help you make the right purchase, bike fit, injury prevention and even understanding lab results.  It’s truly incredible the number of different roles that a PCG coach must have experise. 

Each qualified coach goes through a rigorous mentoring program by Hunter Allen personally that lasts 8 weeks before working with PCG clients.   All of coaches have been coaching for some time and proven themselves before becoming a PCG coach. 

Requirements to becoming a PCG Coach

  1. Must be a passionate endurance athlete and have competed in the past or currently competing and uses a power meter, or similar data acquisition device for your given sport.
  2. Certification from National governing body:  USA Cycling Level II, or USA Triathlon Level 3.
  3. Power Training Certification from USA Cycling or Peaks Coaching Group Power Certification.  (if you are completing the certification, coaches must complete within 90 days of becoming a PCG coach).
  4. A minimum of two years of experience coaching.
  5. A very high level of understanding of Power Training Software, using TrainingPeaks and WKO4 software for analysis.
  6. Excellent communication skills using a variety of mediums.
  7. Ability to plan, organize and execute a periodized training plan using Training Stress Score.
  8. Ability to maintain a clear communication schedule with clients.
  9. Uphold and adhere to the US Olympic Committee standard of ethics.

Steps to becoming a PCG Coach

  1. After meeting the requirements above, submit your resume to Team@peakscoachinggroup.com
  2. We generally bring coaches on board two times a year.   One class in late Spring and one class in the Fall.
  3. Go through the interview process with Hunter Allen
  4. Once selected, agree to our coaching contract.
  5. Successfully complete the 8 weeks mentoring program with Hunter Allen.
  6. Start coaching!

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